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So this conversation happened

Me: I'm so tempted to draw kitty!Leo
Me: I just realized how deep I'm into this already SAVE ME
Friend: Yells yes please scream
Friend: No it's good I'm not alone in this deep pit of Leo moe
Me: you're supposed to tell me it's going to be okay
Me: not drag me in deeper

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Three at once, because I've been slacking on updates. 8D

Yukimura, Sanada and Yanagi, known as the Big Three (三強/sankyou) of Rikkai. Together they led the tennis club to two consecutive National Championship victories.

This team makes for so much potentional awesome, I wish it wasn't be limited to official data books but incorporated into the series! :(

[Prince of Tennis] Sankyou )

Inspired by [ profile] reposoir's Denouverse. Look, I drew a girl! Sort of.

[Prince of Tennis] Genichirou )

The last one is from an Alternate Universe I've been playing with since 2007-ish. Still, there's not much I can say about it because it's all very chaotic and incomplete. >.>

[Prince of Tennis] Elementary )

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I was listening to Undisclosed Desires by Muse and just had to draw Vincent.

[Final Fantasy VII] Vincent, G )
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Weird angle gave me a headache trying to get it right. Yeah.
I wanted to draw something with a bit more action in it. And I will! Some day.
But first, here's a moment before the actual action happens.

[Final Fantasy VII] Tseng & Elena, G )


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