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I was listening to Undisclosed Desires by Muse and just had to draw Vincent.

[Final Fantasy VII] Vincent, G )
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Weird angle gave me a headache trying to get it right. Yeah.
I wanted to draw something with a bit more action in it. And I will! Some day.
But first, here's a moment before the actual action happens.

[Final Fantasy VII] Tseng & Elena, G )
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Took some artistic liberty with Rufus' clothes, because I wanted to draw the bandages. I imagine that the incident at Shinra tower when Weapon attacked and the events of Advent Children weren't the only times he got a bit banged up, seeing as he likes to carry a gun around and jumps off of buildings without a moment's thought and such. 8D

[Final Fantasy VII] Rufus & Reno, G )
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Lately, I've been craving some good ol' Final Fantasy VII fanwork. The kind I used to stumble upon years ago while browsing from website to website for more pieces of anything from my favourite game, back when I was in highschool. Sadly, almost everything I've found so far is influenced by Advent Children or the other spin-offs. Don't get me wrong, I love everything about the FFVII universe and I'm glad they blew new life into it. It's just that the characterization of my favourite characters is different now than how they were, or seemed to be, years ago. And when a girl's feeling nostalgic, what are you going to do.. ^^;

Anyway, here's Reno, because I remembered why I love this guy so much and have been on a Turks fangirling spree. ♥

[Final Fantasy VII] Reno, G )


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